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All day Event or Unspecified time
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XXXXEvent Repeating is only applicable if End Date is after Start Date. Change End Date before configuring event repeat details.
Week(s) of a month repeat type week          


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Date Choose the Begin Date and the End Date of your event.
Time Choose the Time of Day of your event. Format is hh:mm {am|pm}.
Time can be specified in either 12 or 24 hr format.

(New) Note that a special case occurs for single day over-night events. IE. For a single day event beginning at say 19:00 and finishing at 3:00, the Start and End Dates MUST be  the same date, and should be set to the date corresponding to the day before midnight.
Repeat Type
By Day Every Day
Choose this option for a non-reoccurring single or multi-day event, with a new event occurrence for every day within the Start and End Date range
By Week Once Per Week This option allow to choose the weekday of repeat
Day number for repeat type each 10/../2003
Day name for repeat type each Monday
Multiple Week Days Per Week This option allow to choose on which week days your event will be visible.
Week of Month #
For 'Once per Week' and 'Multiple Days Per Week' options above
Week 1 : 1st week of the month
Week 2 : 2nd week of the month
Week 3 : 3rd week of the month
Week 4 : 4th week of the month
Week 5 : 5th week of the month (if applicable)
By Month Once Per Month This option allow to choose the repeating Day of the Month
Day number for repeat type each 10/../2003
Day name for repeat type each Monday
End of Each Month The event is on the last day of each month independently of the day number, if that last day falls within the date range specified by the Start and End Dates for the event.
By Year Once Per Year This option allow to choose a single day every Year
Day number for repeat type each 10/../2003
Day name for repeat type each Monday


JEvents - Event Managment at its easiest!

JEvents is an add-on for Joomla! to manage and display Events. The key features are:
  1. Easy to manage from the backend
  2. Create as many events as you want
  3. Events categorised in customisable categories
  4. Highly effective visual representation of events and categories as calendars or lists
  5. Events can be one-off or repeat daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with many specialised options available
JEvents consists of 3 parts:
  • Component
  • Modules
    • Events Calendar
    • Latest/Upcoming Events
    • Events Legend
  • Mambots
    • Search bot : To allow Joomla to search through your events
    • Event Report bot : To automatically create links to event reports or photo albums after an event has occured
TipTo display your events in the sidebar, you have to install the additional JEvents-Module (Minicalender), otherwise the events can only be displayed in the mainframe
The Modules and Mambots are additional downloads which must be installed separately.
version 1.4.0
  • Backend now multilingual
  • Backend changed to latest core routines
  • Title of events can be truncated if too long (Frontend)
  • Additional help texts (Backend)
  • Menutext in userlanguage (Backend
  • Many bugfixes
  • XHTML-Conform display
version 1.3.x_beta
  • Activation of cache (performance)
  • Joomfish compatible
  • Slovene, Finnish, Danish, Greek added
  • Spanish improved
  • Allow publishing of events from frontend
  • Description of activity not required any more
  • Publish events from the frontend
  • some bugfixes
Sven-Erik Andersen, Sasho Dimitrov, Eva Estevez, Luis Guerra, Dainius Jarutis, Ivo Larys, Mat Leinmueller, Arthur van der Molen, Thomas Nilsson, sakara, Markku Suominen, Martin Welen, David A. Quirantes García, Pedro López Peņalosa, Geraint Edwards, Thoma Stahl, mic and many more .....

Doc.Revision: 1.0.1 - 04 Sep 2006

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